• Up to 285 W RMS output power per channel into 2 Ω
  • Ultra HD Class D concept – combines the high-end sound quality of Class AB technology with the benefits of Class D amplifiers
  • TwinDSP Power – two extremely powerful “fixed point” Audio DSPs with 64 Bit resolution and 2.4 billion MAC operations per second
  • A/D and D/A signal converters from BurrBrown
  • VCP (Virtual Channel Processing) allows even more flexible configuration for highly complex sound systems
  • ACO – Advanced CoProcessor for extended feature set
    • ISA (Input Signal Analyzer) and InputEQ for easy analysis and compensation of input signals
    • Proprietary TuneEQ function for automated adjustment of the output equalizers
    • SFX (DSP Sound Effects) – Augmented Bass Processing, RealCenter & Co.
  • High power 6-channel highlevel input with up to 32 V RMS input sensitivity and ADEP.3 circuit
  • Optical (max. 96 kHz) and coaxial (max. 192 kHz) digital input in SPDIF format
  • Four RCA / Cinch outputs with max. 3 Volts output voltage
  • Optical digital output in SPDIF format (96 kHz)
  • Compact, future-proof Smart Control Port (SCP) for connecting remote controls and accessories
  • HEC slot for system expansions like Bluetooth® HD Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
  • Automatic Remote switch
  • Start-Stop capability down to 6V supply voltage
  • Very compact design with low heat dissipation thanks to extraordinary efficiency

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